Massage Therapy


Swedish Massage

Swedish massage therapy is known for its overall relaxation. This massage will loosen tight muscles, increase circulation, and melt away stress. Great for anyone new to massage or anyone who prefers a lighter touch.

Deep Tissue Massage

More intense form of massage that is great for relieving tension found in the deeper tissue layers through slower strokes and more direct pressure. Ideal for targeting specific areas of tension, relieving chronic pain and increasing range of motion. Recommended for those experiencing consistent pain or are involved in heavy, repetitive, physical activity.

Aromatherapy Massage

Personalize your own sensory experience by choosing from our selection of aromatic oils to soothe the mind, body and spirit.

Hot Stone Massage

A therapeutic treatment utilizing the application of hot basalt stones of varying sizes to key points on the body. Use of heated stones relaxes muscles allowing therapists to access deeper muscles layers and expands blood vessels which encourages blood flow throughout the body.

Couple's Massage

Enjoy a personalized massage with your special someone and experience the benefits of rest and relaxation together in our cozy couples room.

Facial Treatments


Classic European Facial

Provides deep cleansing, extractions, and a head/neck massage. The goal is to wake up looking and feeling rested and refreshed.

Dry Skin Relief

This facial treatment comprises of several vital steps including cleansing, toning, nourishing, and moisturizing. While the basic steps remain the same, products used during the treatment are designed for hydrated skin.

Acne Facial

Recommended for clients prone to oily or break-out skin or for those with uneven complexions. Both men and women can take advantage of the benefits of this deep cleansing facial which incorporates a combination of thorough steaming, deep cleansing, facial extraction to remove pore-clogging sebum, and a variation of healing masks and moisturizers.

Collagen Lift Facial

A beauty care treatment that uses collagen protein to revitalize the skin. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that is found in the skin, tissues, and bones. This treatment attempts to delay the aging process by replenishing the skin’s natural protein by external application.

30 Minute Express Facial

Formulated to refresh, renew, and revitalize. Works with all skin types to reveal more youthful, healthy skin.


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